Treasurer: Eddie Garcia


Contact info:


Hello everyone, my name is Eriberto Garcia but everyone knows me as is Eddie. I think you should vote for me to be Treasurer or Secretary because I have a lot of free time which I want to utilize by helping in the club and giving back to the engineering community here at CSUN. If I become Treasurer, managing and organizing our club’s money would be my responsibility that I will accept with great respect. Since I myself am a student I know what it means to maximize that one dollar bill. If I become Secretary, keeping constant communication with others will be a breeze because I am here at school all day. The reason why I want to be an officer is because when I volunteered for the SPDC R/C competition during spring break, I met so many people through Abraham (our current Treasurer) and it seemed the club was like a family and I want to be part of and help grow.